Why moderation is key to healthy life balance

It is important to exercise moderation, both in the types and quantities of food we consume. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH
It is important to exercise moderation, both in the types and quantities of food we consume. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

“Everything that exceeds the bounds of moderation has an unstable foundation.”

In two independent houses, separated by a compound, lived two people — one a retired person and in the other a techie. They had planted identical saplings on either sides of the compound. The techie used to give a lot of water and manure to the plant. The retiree put in just enough.

The techie’s plant grew into lush green, leafy robust plant. The retired person’s plant was a near normal but much luxuriant than his neighbour’s.

One night there was a heavy rain with gusty wind. Next morning both came out to see the fate of the plants. To the techie’s surprise, his plant had been uprooted whereas his neighbour’s was unharmed.

The techie asked the retiree why his plant was uprooted despite his good care.

The senior citizen’s answer should be a lesson for all of us.

Look young man, you had supplied everything a plant would need in abundance and the plant did not have to go in search of it. Your roots did not have to go down. I was supplying just enough to keep it alive. For the rest, the roots had to go down into the ground to fulfil its needs.

Since your roots were superficial the rain and wind could easily fell it. Since my roots were pretty deeply grounded they could withstand the onslaught of nature.

The moral is simple: “Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide. Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance”

Moderation is the key to life, and not just any life but a happy and balanced life.

Moderation in eating, sleeping and exercise gives you good and healthy life. Any food, however healthy it is, any exercise, however good it is, turns bad when you cross the moderation mark. So be mindful.

Moderation gives you peace of mind: Self-control in thoughts, both positive and negative keeps your mind in balance.

Excessive negative thoughts can impair your ability to do your best, and you may lose out on the balance in life.

Moderation in choices, in terms of your needs, wants and desires give you clarity and stability in life. So be mindful of your choices.

This self discipline also gives you financial stability and balance: Maintaining the right balance of finance is crucial.

You need to spend enough for you to sustain today and survive tomorrow. When you maintain the right balance between today and tomorrow, you end up having a stable and balanced life.

“Only actions give life its strength, as only moderation gives it its charm.”