You cannot be misquoted when you remain silent

Silence can never be misquoted. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A six-year-old boy was incessantly crying at school and would not listen to anyone trying to comfort him. His mother came running from her workplace and took him home.

As he continued to cry, his mother asked him what was bothering him. After some time, the boy told the mother that his tummy was hurting and that the pain was severe. She told him, "You are having a tummy ache because your tummy is empty. Come and have some food. The boy refused to listen but after some cajoling, he finally agreed.

Soon after some time, the boy really got better and was playful throughout the day. The next day the mother had a heavy headache and could not even go for work. The child was watching her mother suffer in pain, so he consoled her, saying innocently, "Mommy, you are having a headache because your head is empty!" The mother was shocked and had no words to say.

After a little while, the little boy asked her mother how she was feeling. The mother told him that she was fine, and they started to play together.

Suddenly, the curious yet innocent child asked his mother, "Mommy, why are some of your hairs turning grey?" She tried to use this occasion to reform him. She said "My dear, my hair is turning grey because of you. Every time you tell a lie, or you behave badly or even get low grades at school, one of my hairs turn grey! Now it’s up to you to see that my hair does not turn grey otherwise, I will end up with all grey hair even before you finish school"


It took a little while for the child to understand this but after some time he nodded victoriously as though he understood everything that the mother said and so he replied innocently, "Now I know why grandma (maternal) has only grey hairs on her head. The last time I met her, she said she does not know why her hair is grey, now I am going to tell her why she has grey hair on".

Think before you speak: Always think before you speak, especially when you are going through any emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy or even when you are just normal. Words once spoken can hurt others and can only be forgiven not forgotten.

You are responsible for what you talk: No matter what emotions you go through, what pain you go through, remember, you are responsible for your words. Be kind and gentle, if you are hurt, it does not mean that you need to hurt others.

There are better ways to deal with your problems Silence can never be misquoted: Listening is more powerful than talking. There is a purpose why we have two ears and one mouth. Listening and Silence can never be misquoted