Five tips to help you make peace with yourself

In a small village, in the valley, lived a man who was always happy, kind, and well-disposed to everyone he met.

He always smiled, and had kind and encouraging words to say, whenever it was necessary. Everyone who met him, left feeling better, happier and elated. People knew they could count on him, and regarded him as a great friend.

One of the village dwellers was curious to know what his secret was, and how he could always be so kind and helpful. He wondered, how is it that he held no grudge toward anyone, and always was happy.

Once, upon meeting him in the street he asked him: “Most people are selfish and unsatisfied. They do not smile as often as you do; neither are they as helpful or kind as you are. How do you explain it?”

The man smiled at him and replied, “When you make peace with yourself, you can be in peace with the rest of the world. If you can recognise the spirit in yourself, you can recognise the spirit in everyone, and then you find it natural to be kind and well-disposed to all.”

Life throws many opportunities at you when you are tempted to react to situations – think about that nasty mail that your boss sent, or the silly argument your neighbour had with you.

Aren’t these situations where you would want to react rather than allow them to swell it up within you? In most cases, yes most of us would allow our emotions run amok and that seems natural for us to do so.

The next time you feel so, don’t react. Just take a minute to ask yourself just two questions, “Will this make me feel better and will this make the situation better?” In most cases, the answer to one of these questions would not be in positive.

  • Here are some tips to focus on making peace with yourself:
  • Keep your thoughts under your control. When you are in control of your thoughts, they let you become strong and firm.
  • Develop good and positive habits. Once you replace negative thoughts & habits with positive thoughts & habits, you will start seeing positive results.
  • Stop worrying always. Inner peace begins when you choose not to allow others or your own emotions to control you.
  • Keep calm and don’t be carried away by your thoughts. Every thought you think of is creating your future, so don’t be carried away in the negativity.
  • Being good and being kind do not necessarily point to weakness. One kind word, or one kind action can change someone’s day or even life. Don’t let go of such an opportunity.