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Tilisi opens Limuru land sale for construction of warehouses

Property developer Tilisi has opened the sale of 86 acres of land for construction of warehouse facilities in Limuru area.

The parcel is part the firm’s 400-acre mixed use real-estate development in Kiambu that will have more than 3,200 houses and a logistics park.

Tilisi co-chief executive Kavit Shah said the logistics centre mainly targets companies with insufficient warehousing capacity.

“With a growing population and economy, what we are currently experiencing in Kenya is demand vastly outstripping supply of quality warehousing facilities,” he said.

The site is equipped with ICT connections, access roads, water and electricity supplies, solid waste transfer stations and eating facilities.


Warehousing sheds

This means that once land purchases are made, investors will only need to build warehousing sheds and enjoy all the support infrastructure.

According to the developer paperwork, including Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, structure plan and individual precincts have already been done and approved.

Tilisi is targeting freight forwarding companies and owners of online shops who are looking for mass storage for their goods. It is also targeting players in the agricultural supply chain as well as those in the pharmaceutical industry.

The country has in the past experienced wastage in the dairy industry in instances of milk glut due to its unpreparedness to handle such situations. Aside from the agricultural sector, the pharmaceutical industry has also suffered due to lack of proper storage facilities.

According to the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency, lack of sufficient and quality storage has led to the proliferation of unsafe drugs. Talisi’s logistics park is 30 minutes from Nairobi’s central business district and will cater for an array of units in various sectors of the economy.

“We are looking to tap into the warehousing and storage market by offering units across many industries,” said RaneeNanji, co-CEO of Tilisi, adding that the location of the warehousing park is ideal.