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Kenya import and export volumes (2011-2017)


The value of imports have continued to outweigh revenue from exports over the years.

This has been mainly been due to the nature of Kenya's export products. The country's exports are mainly agricultural, e.g. tea and coffee, which have lower prices in the global market.

On the flip side, Kenya's imports are secondary products such as machineries, capital equipment, fuels and lubricants that have higher monetary value in the global market.

Kenya's revenue from exports has been nearly stagnant at the Sh50-60 billion mark due of fluctuations in value of tea, coffee, tobacco.

Imports over time have gone up as a result of adoption of a more capital-intensive mode of production. Imports of technological equipment, machinery, vehicles have pushed the balance of trade deficit deeper.

Kenyan export value hit the highest mark in July 2015 at Sh59 billion, mainly foods and beverages. This represented 43.7 per cent of the total exports. Industrial supplies (non-food) exports went up to Sh14 billion the same month.