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Kenya's fertility rate has declined drastically over the years


Kenya's fertility rate has decreased from eight children per woman to four children per woman over the last 37 years.

The country has the lowest fertility rate in East Africa, at 3.9 births per woman, according to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey of 2014. According to data from the World Bank as at the end of 2016 Uganda's fertility rate stood at 5.7 children per woman, Tanzania 5.1, Ethiopia 4.3 and Rwanda 4.

Population experts from the World Bank attribute the decline in fertility to a considerable rise in use of family planning methods.

A study published by the Population Reference Bureau in 2015, attributes the drop in total fertility rate to a higher literacy levels particularly among women, late marriages, and lifestyle change.

Total fertility rate represents the possible number of children that can be born to a woman during her childbearing years.