Closure looms for manufacturers over tax licences

Mastermind Tobacco, Spectre International, Pepsi soda bottlers SBC Kenya and Sierra beer brand maker Ozzbecco Ltd have failed to secure excise tax licences putting them in danger of being shut down by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

The taxman yesterday warned that it would move against manufacturers and importers of excisable goods who do not have licences. It also warned retailers against stocking products by unlicensed companies.

KRA released a list of 165 local manufacturers and 133 importers who are now allowed to deal in excisable goods even as it said that an operation against those unlicensed was imminent.

“At KRA, we have remained lenient and provided a platform for facilitation for all manufacturers and importers of excisable goods and we are now set to undertake the applicable enforcement actions to ensure full compliance,” Alice Owuor, the KRA Domestic Taxes Commissioner said.