Indian hospital to set up first African patient assistance centre in Nairobi

Max Health CEO Rajid Mehta. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA
Max Health CEO Rajid Mehta. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA 

India-based Max Healthcare is set to open its first African patient assistance centre in Nairobi in a move that is likely to reduce the millions that Kenyans spend seeking specialised treatment abroad.

The one-stop health centre will offer post-monitoring services for neurosurgery, oncology and diverse transplant patients returning from treatment in India.

This comes a year after India Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged in July last year that his country would fully finance a cancer hospital and partner with Kenya to improve health systems and access to treatment.

“Kenya is strategically placed on the map, has a fast growing economy and is endowed with highly innovative people,” Max Healthcare chief executive Rajid Mehta told journalists yesterday during the centre’s launch.

The centre located in Nairobi’s Upper Hill will also handle training programmes for local hospitals, doctors, technical staff and nurses.

The facility with five employees will further oversee travel arrangements for patients who have been referred for treatment to India for various ailments.

Max Healthcare, which caters to an estimated 3,000 patients per year from East Africa, said its specialists will conduct on-ground consultations and surgical procedures at local hospitals.

Already, the healthcare provider is in talks with insurance companies with plans of sealing a partnership deal in a months’ time to facilitate smooth operations.

“The cost of the services will not necessarily go up if Indian doctors are coming in. It might actually turn out to be lower than the normal rates here,” said Dr Mehta.