CDF committees to be re-constituted

MPs during the opening of the 12th Parliament. FILE PHOTO | NMG
MPs during the opening of the 12th Parliament. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

All the 290 constituencies have been directed to constitute afresh the Constituencies Development Fund committees that approve projects.

Yusuf Nzibo, the acting CEO of National Government Constituencies Development Committees (NG-CDF) board, has asked the constituency fund managers to start the process of hiring new members.

“All officers of the board and officials involved in the management of the Fund are notified that the 12th Parliament commenced with the swearing in of members of the National Assembly on 31st August,” Mr Nzibo said.

“To facilitate the process, Fund Managers are required to write to the deputy County Commissioner requesting him/her to nominate a suitable officer (in writing), who will sit in and chair the NG-CDF Selection Panel.”

The NG-CDF committee, which is composed of 10 members, manages the more than Sh100 million allocated to each constituency annually.

The NG-CDF Act stipulates that the fund account manager is the custodian of all the records and equipment of the constituency during the term of Parliament and during transitions occasioned by general elections or a by-election.

“It is important therefore that the fund managers diligently play their role to ensure NG-CDF operations are sustainable,” Mr Nzibo said in a memo to all fund accounts managers.

The NG-CDF committee is composed of the county commissioner, two men, two women, a person with disability, two persons nominated by the constituency office established under the Parliamentary Service Act, an officer of the board seconded to the constituency committee and one member coopted by the board.

They hold office for a period of two years.