Kigondu’s best play returns to Daystar stage this Saturday

Nick Ndeda and Chichi Seii in 'What Happens in the Night'. PHOTO | MARGARETTA WA GACHERU | NMG
Nick Ndeda and Chichi Seii in 'What Happens in the Night'. PHOTO | MARGARETTA WA GACHERU | NMG 

Martin Kigondu is one of Kenya’s most prolific playwright, which makes him a special kind of guy. He’s one thespian who hasn’t abandoned Theatre for TV or film as so many of our best actors and scriptwriters have done.

Those who’ve gone electronic are undoubtedly enriching the realms of Kenyan film and television too. But Martin and his theatre crew at Prevail Arts Productions are giving the rest of us opportunities to enjoy live performances that also have depth of character and emotional crises too.

In fact, the cast of Martin’s current production, ‘What Happens in the Night’ are equally committed to the stage. Nonetheless, an actor like Chichi Seii has also managed to combine her love of theatre with her joy of acting in film. Indeed, she is one of the Nairobi stars of the second season of the amazing series of Sense8.

Fortunately, she’ll be around this Saturday evening to co-star with Nick Ndeda, Salim Gitao, Shivisi Shiviske and Bilal Mwaura in Martin’s latest mystery thriller, ‘What Happens in the Night’.

By popular demand, Martin is bringing back one of his best scripts to date to the Daystar University stage December 2nd from 5pm. It’s not a performance to be missed, even if you saw it in October when Martin only staged one performance at Daystar and one in Nanyuki.

Saturday evening’s show will be different just because it’s a five-person cast and Mourad Sadat has been replaced with Bilal Mwaura. Both actors are excellent but each has a distinct style of acting. I suspect Mwaura’s chemistry with his partner in the play, Shivisi Shiviske, will be amazing.

Certainly, Nick Ndeda (who’s coming straight from his ‘greaser’ role in Grease the musical) has a lovely connection with Chichi Seii, although theirs is a slightly more complex affair. But all of that will be revealed once you go and see the show.

What Happens in the Night is a memorable play, the sort that sticks with you long after you watch it. That’s because there are more nuances and undercurrents in Martin’s play that one might not see at first sight. I’ll be happy to see it again, and I suggest you come see it too.