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Doors, the new status symbol in Kenyan homes

In Nairobi, doors range from Sh4,500 to Sh300,000. PHOTOS | FILE
In Nairobi, doors range from Sh4,500 to Sh300,000. PHOTOS | FILE 

Doors are becoming the new status symbol.

They are no longer just an exterior feature of a house or a mere room separation piece.

Kenyan homeowners are expressing their individual taste and style through doors, some that cost more than a second-hand car.

Some homeowners fancy distressed vintage-looking doors, others bold ones with Arabic architectural designs.

Door experts says apart from standing out, the door must work hard. It must function well for a long time and outer doors have to endure the harsh weather.

Keep in mind that with solid doors, they will move, expand or wrap with time, hence they do need a bit of maintenance once in a while.

For instance, wood veneer doors – where only the outer layers are real wood, can be a compromise for those who want the look of real wood but don’t want to deal with a particular feature that it has.

And what does a good door mean to the value of the house?

According to Rahima Gachoki, the managing director of Nairobi-based Farmal General Merchants, a door being part of the interior, most definitely adds value to the house.

“When viewing a house, it is one of the first things buyers or renters see when they enter, so go for something appealing,” said Ms Gachoki.

Ms Gachoki terms a secure door, good workmanship, uniqueness and beauty as the critical things that one should look out for on a door.

In Nairobi, doors range from Sh4,500 to Sh300,000 and some of the unique types or styles available in town include armoured doors, solid doors (timber), antique also known as Lamu doors, sliding doors, glass doors, and French doors.

Other styles one can pick from are baroque, retro, classic white and modern cottage.

Ms Gachoki who has sold doors costing Sh4,500 to Sh170,000 a piece to homeowners and companies, says choose the ones that are stronger just not stunning ones.