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A Night of Indian Food and Whisky


I’m not a foodie. I have little authority to review restaurants. But I know bad food. You don’t have to have a sophisticated palate to know that this chicken/pork/fish is terrible. I know even less about Indian food. But one doesn’t have to know many Indians to know if their food sucks, do you?

On that note, I truly think Mayura Restaurant has great Indian food. I know because I love garlic naan, tikka chicken and chicken curry.

I ended up in Mayura after a friend who was visiting from the US said he’d love Indian food. Which was odd; someone from San Francisco asking for Indian food.

As a rule, I try never to try figure out Americans (or their dietary requests), so I asked around and I was told Mayura was a good pick.

We went the four of us, ordered different dishes and shared all of them. American-sky thought the food was great too. And he isn’t among the 10 Indians I know. He’s a man from Bondo who now has an American passport.

What do you do after you have eaten good Indian food? You listen to the chap from America. But you need a strong drink to listen to tales from the US. So we ordered drinks. Mayura also turns out to be a place to just go for drinks.

We sat outside, on the beautiful lounge area with massive TVs showing Indian movies and songs. The seating is meant to overlook the street outside but it was cold so they sealed it off. Any matter, we had a ball. The drinks aren’t too pricey.

The only downside is that Ring Road is being fixed so it’s a mess. Get an Uber if you can. Actually, you will be drinking so get an Uber for yourself not because parking is terrible for now.