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Bar Sits on the Equator


It doesn’t matter how your pronounce this, as long as you don’t try and sound French. This bar at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki is more than a bar, it’s wordplay. In the name you can see a zebra and you can see a bar. But why would a bar be named Zebar, unless the name was metaphoric? Fortunately, it isn’t. You aren’t meant to over-think it. You are meant to go in and order a cocktail. From outside, the bar looks snooty. It’s not one of those bars you look at and think, I’m dying to have drink in there. Because it’s proper with an astounding decor featuring variations of wild animals, especially the zebra.
It’s the kind of posh bar where folk wear linen pants and chuckle politely during conversations. If ever you saw anyone light up a pipe in there, you wouldn’t think you were dreaming. The windows are large, and why wouldn’t they be when Mt Kenya is up there in its infinite beauty, dying to be ogled at?
If you are tired of staring at Mt Kenya you can just stare at the rolling greens of the property, at that lovely church at the bottom of the hill and that famous maze and someone, a guest, stroking the nose of a horse lovingly. Mt Kenya Safari Club is so picturesque it seems like a ruse.
Here is another thing that will blow you away; the Zebar could easily be the only bar in the world that rests on the Equator and where your server will have to cross from the Southern Hemisphere to bring your drink on the Northern Hemisphere. I find that extremely cool.