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Chicken in chocolate, the hottest dish in town

Mole Poblano at Nairobi Restaurant Week. PHOTO | EATOUT
Mole Poblano at Nairobi Restaurant Week. PHOTO | EATOUT 

A few years ago, I would not have dreamed of indulging in an authentic Mexican dining experience in Nairobi.

Fast forward to 2018 and here I am sipping flavour-popping margaritas and endlessly supplying my taste buds with tacos and tamales at Fonda NBO.

Nestled at the third floor of the Rosslyn Riviera Mall on Limuru Road, Fonda NBO isn’t your usual restaurant.

Oozing with Mexican ornaments, art and culture expertly executed by local Kenyan artisans, the moment you set foot into the two-storied restaurant, you feel transported into another more colourful and exotic world.

It’s the type of place your significant other would love, with a simplistic but contemporary ambiance that oozes with warmth.

A colleague of mine had recommended an interesting meal that I just had to try.

Curious, hungry, and slowly falling in love with my tamarind margarita, I readily ordered the Mole Poblano— one of the prides of Mexican cuisine.

This rich, spicy, savoury but above-all chocolatey chicken dish, is something out of this world. More than 30 ingredients combine to create a multi-layered sensorial experience which finds diners inevitably reaching out for another bite, as they try to decipher the many complex flavours therein.

Chicken and chocolate is not a pairing that normally springs easily to mind, although it undoubtedly is one you certainly must try at least once in a lifetime.

The unlikely duo turned out to be a match made in food heaven with the chocolate sauce coating the chicken like a warm winter duvet.

Definitely one of the most exciting and different meals I have had in awhile. Fonda takes you on a short trip to Mexico.

Pescado A La Talla at Nairobi Restaurant Week. PHOTO | EATOUT
Pescado A La Talla at Nairobi Restaurant Week. PHOTO | EATOUT