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Healthy vitamin packed smoothie

A banana smoothie
A banana smoothie. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

I was on the phone interviewing Jackee Ombajo - CEO Trublaq - and she asked me what I have discovered about myself during this self quarantine period. I said I discovered that I make fantastic smoothies.

I didn’t know I had it in me. Like a superpower. My recipe is simple but unlike most, I don’t use yogurt, because who wants to have a throatful of it. My secret weapon is almond milk.

My favourite fruit is a banana so all my smoothies have bananas. Problem with bananas is that when left outside for too long, they start getting dark and attract those annoying fruit flies. So cut them up and freeze them and I do just that.

After bananas I throw in baby spinach because, well they reduce blood pressure which is apt now that we all don’t know if we will have roofs over our heads tomorrow. I also have to have pawpaw in there because they help with digestion, and my digestion has been questioned a few times. In also goes chia seeds sometimes, great for Omega 3.

Of course because we want to keep all these doctors away, so I normally throw in an apple and then some pumpkin seeds because my cousin told me they help in boosting male virility and come on, what man doesn’t want to be more virile? Doubt me?


Give a man a choice between a big mansion with a swimming pool and a virility and see what they choose. So, pumpkin seeds. A handful of it.

I then sprinkle some spirulina powder which has, like, ten thousand health benefits. If you can afford a kiwi, do that. I then toss some ice cubes in there and throw them all in the NutriBullet, then crash them in a whirl as I stand there looking, mighty proud of myself.

The result isn’t too thick and not too sweet. When you drink it, it feels like you are drinking nirvana. You feel healthy. At least so healthy until you take three chapatis.