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Honey and Spice, a Bar for the Outdoorsy

Honey and Spice Bar. It is actually a restaurant, but we are not going to split hairs over that, are we? It is at Nairobi Serena hotel, which now has a modern facelift. There is a pan-Asian restaurant just as you enter, featuring rustic wooden finishing. They brought in a chef from Islamabad to work the pots.

The menu is Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean. It’s a nice restaurant that isn’t “stuffy,” and where you will not feel like you are out of your depth with important people coughing in their napkins.

Honey and Spice seems like a departure from that stiff upper-lip that you might associate with the old Serena. This is chill. The bar looks inviting. The furniture is inviting. Because it’s right outside, in the courtyard, you feel relaxed you want to remove your shoes. (Please, don’t).

I had drinks there recently and something to eat. I don’t remember what I ate but I remember that it was very nice and it came with a side of guacamole.

The experience was unrushed, the air sweet and the ambience working for that particular mood.


Pricing is not too bad either, to mean if you do not drink until 3am, you will not have to break a bank, or sell a piece of ancestral land.

They have new parking, which is a big deal because who wants to struggle to park to go order a Taiwanese meal that you can’t pronounce? Certainly not me.

Lastly, the name — Honey and Spice — drips of something you would want to dip your finger in.