Man about town

CEO upbeat ahead of festive December


The office is becoming somewhat quiet with people going on leave since December is fast approaching. I must say that I am looking forward to this December, especially because the CEO’s secretary informed me that the boss will be away during the month.

The office is much better and relaxed without having the top honcho breathing down our necks.

Speaking of the CEO, he called me to his office and I hurried over carrying a notebook — I was sure that he wanted to throw some more work my way. When I got into his office he started telling me about his holiday plans.

He talked about plans to visit the Far East — Vietnam and China. I never know what to say when the CEO gets into this zone — am I expected to tell him about my plans? or voice my opinion on his selections? I figured that I could do the polite thing and say, “that sounds like you will get a well-deserved break.”

This response seems to have worked with him for he spent about 30 minutes telling me about the places he has visited.


He then said: “Josphat! Your boy Nathan is a miracle worker — he has sorted out my issues.”

I was not sure how to react to this because last time I checked Nathan was talking about how we could make some cash by greasing the palms of officials from the revenue authority.

The CEO then told me how he met Nathan and some other officials and now he said, “I even have a certificate of compliance. I feel so relieved.”

There was a part of me that was very curious and wanted to know how they managed to sort it all out — but there was another part of me that felt that the less I know the better. So I politely said, “I am glad that Nathan was of help to you and you are now in the clear.”

The CEO walked over to my side of the desk and said, “listen, you have no idea how much this tax thing means to me. I seriously owe you one. So let me know whatever I can do for you to show my gratitude.”

I was truly flattered about this and my head already started churning with possible things that he could do for me. I did not want to make a rash decision so I said, “thank you for the offer, let me think about it and revert.”

This seemed to satisfy him and as I walked out of his office, I could hear him humming to some tune — this tax thing must have been a big deal to him.

I went back to my desk and started working on the end of year numbers, which are supposed to be presented to the board by end of the year. I was engrossed in my work when my phone beeped — it was my Amisi, my life coach. I decided to answer his calls since it has been a while since we connected. Amisi never beats around the bush and said, “Josphat, I am concerned that you have not followed up on our meetings and you have not submitted your assignments.”

He did not sound pleased as he proceeded to lecture me on the need to “ improve my discipline and focus.”

I tried to tell him about my workload and increased home duties with Shiro away.

Amisi was not buying my story as he said, “if you are serious about self-improvement then you need to make the time for it.” I was taken aback by his stern tone though in all fairness he had a point. He said, “listen I give you up to Monday to tell me if and how you want us to proceed. You also have an outstanding bill that you need to clear.”

I was relieved when he ended the call and I figured that come Monday I would tell him I was no longer interested. The tougher question was how to respond to the CEO’s offer.