Tony promises to hook me up with a UN job

Thursday, August 30, 2018 19:08

My life is back to being super busy now that the kids are back in school.


My life is back to being super busy now that the kids are back in school.

Just before they opened school, I broached the topic of paying for their transport so that I do not have to do the morning drop. Shiro was having none of it as she said, “babes, you need to bond with the kids! When else will you get the chance to bond with them?”

Sometimes I think Shiro overreacts on these things, so I disregarded her view and took a look at school transport options. I was taken aback to discover that I would have to pay more than Sh10,000 per child for a distance of about 5km.

This did not make any business sense, so I decided to stick to dropping them.

I must say Shiro’s advice about bonding does make sense — for I have been connecting with kids as well as their interesting parents too.

On Friday last week as I was dropping the kids, I saw this guy waving very hard at me. To be honest, I could not recognise him though I pretended to do so. He said, “Jose my guy you do not remember me?” Try as I might, I could not recall who he was, so I ended up saying, “please remind me”. The guy finally told me, “my name is Tony. We went to high school together back in the day”. This guy looked nothing like I could recall, he looked more refined and very muscular. I had to verbalise my thoughts by saying, “you really changed, what happened?” He quickly told me about his life, how he has been working for the UN in various postings with his most recent being in Brussels. I enjoyed talking to him, especially when we reverted to our mother tongue and talked about growing up in the village. He told me, “listen, why don’t we have some meat this weekend and catch up on old times?” I was curious and interested in finding out more about this guy and who knows, he might have some tips on how to get into the UN.

So last Friday Tony called me to confirm our meeting and then he asked me, “will you be coming with someone?” I told him, “my wife is away so I will be alone.” Tony laughed and said, “I do not mean your wife, I mean somebody else. You don’t bring your wife to such things. “It finally clicked what he was suggesting — he wanted to know if I would be bringing a girlfriend. I don’t know why but I thought taking Gacheri along might be a good idea.

Things got better when I called her and said she would come to show me her new body.

Let us say Saturday was a lot of fun. Tony showed up with his ‘boys’ all who seemed to have ‘someone’ on their side. Tony was being very generous, insisting that we consume the best whiskies and have the finest meat. The only meaningful conversation was about careers where Tony told me that he can ‘help with a hook up”. I had not really thought about careers in the UN but who knows something could come up. When Gacheri walked in, every man (myself included) stopped talking to stare at her. I could not believe how good she looked — clearly, she has been working out. I felt very proud of being the subject of envy all afternoon and even later as we went dancing — it really is nice to have a beautiful girlfriend. I just hope Shiro never finds out.

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