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Make good use of your potential to rule world

You’ve got what it takes!
You’ve got what it takes! Wake up and achieve. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Ignorance gets the better of us because we let it. The goals that we are afraid to vocalise for fear of being considered unstable are the kind of ambitions that earth-shattering success emanates from. These are the goals that we only jokingly refer to as fantasies because we do not genuinely believe in ourselves enough to dare achieve them.

There is too much in our way, we think. We have too little time, money, education, authority, information and so on. Why should we dare to dream? Who do we think we are?

What we would do well to appreciate is that everything we require for the attainment of our most ridiculous-sounding goals is already ours.

sIt simply is not possible to fathom anything in our minds that we cannot hold in our hands.

We know this because we are in touch with universal intelligence - our innate ability to understand the purpose that we are here to fulfill. You see; purpose is not something we seek. It is a realisation that manifests in us when we are good and ready - when it is time for the fulfillment of our existence. As sure as we are that the sun in the tropics will rise tomorrow, we eventually come to the realisation of our purpose and then we must choose to fulfill it not only for ourselves but for all humanity. It is a duty that we must carry out if our existence is to hold any meaning for ourselves and others.

We are inherently equipped with everything we need for the fulfilment of our purpose, that is our talent. The onus is on each one of us to develop and put this equipment to good use.

To dis-use or mis-use our gifts of skill in any way is not only unproductive, it is mean to our fellow beings and disrespectful to our Maker.

And if others should in any way be intimidated by our achievements, we are equally equipped with the intelligence to handle their insecurities without guilt.

We must know that our choice to use our gifts for the good of others, their appreciation of those gifts and our consequent reward in return is the natural order of things as they are meant to be. We all get out of life what we put into it.

We are all privileged with the talent and intellect to do better, gain more and most importantly realise our ultimate potential.

We are all immensely gifted.

The variance in our achievement is a result of some of us exploiting our potential earlier and or more intensely than the rest.

These early birds must forge on however far behind the rest may be. They light the way for others to walk a smoother road. This is the world order. Some go further ahead of others.

And because of their succèss, others are in turn challenged to realise their own potential.

When we find ourselves called to lead the way in success, ours is to dutifully answer.