Man about town

Close shave as Shiro and Karimi meet

The office has been quite busy and there is a certain aggressiveness that I have noticed amongst my colleagues.  Everyone seems to be in a rush to do something or to achieve something. I was wondering where all this hurry was coming from so I decided to talk to my colleague in HR. I asked her, “have you noticed how these days people are hyper and getting rather tense about everything?”

She responded by agreeing with me and saying, “I too have noticed the same; people must be thinking about how they cannot afford to miss their bonuses for next year so we all must work hard.” It seems that our constant underperformance is becoming an issue.  We then chatted for a little bit with the HR manager who updated me on the goings-on in her life including “new husband and new baby.”

I was just beginning my work for the day when my phone buzzed. It was Shiro. She rarely calls me while in the office so my heart skipped a beat. I answered and said, “is all okay?” She said, “nothing is the matter, can’t a woman call her hubby?” Despite her attempts to keep me calm, I was feeling a bit nervous about the call and I wanted her to get on with what she wanted to say.

She finally declared her intention and said, “I wanted us to have lunch.” This threw me off my tracks, and I responded by saying, “lunch! Why?” She went on and told me, “babe, how forgetful can you be? We agreed we shall be having lunch once a month so we can connect without the kids.” Now, it all came back to me.

Last month, Shiro signed me up for the “Families of Zion” group in church. The group was formed by the pastor to try and guide new families in the way of the Lord. To be honest, I did not want to attend the sessions since I think that religion these days is overhyped.

I realised I was not winning the battle when Shiro kept talking about all the “wonderful things” Pastor Ron said.  So, in the last month, I managed to attend three meetings and I must say it was all not so bad.  The couples in the group - six in total - were not too bad and not as pious and religious as I thought they would be. I was especially pleased when we went for a drink after one of the sessions.

I must have been carried away that I forgot the commitment to have lunch. I was not, however, going to get into trouble with my wife so I said, “sure, let us have lunch. What time?” We settled on some restaurant near my office, which Shiro said, “has food to die for.”  I actually enjoyed the lunch and the conversation because it was all general and I made a mental note to make sure I attend the next one.

I was pleased with myself as we walked out of the restaurant when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked around to see who it could be. It was Karimi. Before I could even absorb that fact, she literally jumped at me and gave me a big hug.  From the corner of my eye, I could see Shiro looking rather bemusedly at Karimi who was wearing a very clingy dress that was accentuating all her curves.

To manage the situation, I said, “Karimi, meet Shiro my wife.” I emphasised the words, “my wife” to ensure that Karimi got the hint. Shiro was rather polite and so I took the opportunity to make an escape. I said, “nice seeing you; please say hallo to our friend.”

As soon as we were out of the restaurant, Shiro asked me, “Who is that chick? She was so all over you!” I tried to sound casual and said “oh Karimi? She is a girlfriend to an ex-colleague” and proceeded to give some fake story about how I know Karimi. I could tell she was not fully convinced, but she said, “next time, tell her not to hug you that hard.” I sighed at how close I came to getting into trouble.