Where Vipingo Ridge residents enjoy seafood

The restaurant has been renovated. PHOTO | COURTESY
The restaurant has been renovated. PHOTO | COURTESY 

The steep winding road to Vipingo Ridge gives you a glimpse of the ocean and thick vegetation far below. But it is the magnificent homes, some with buggies in the parking area that are most appealing.

For others, it is the scenic meandering 18-hole golf course that is most breathtaking. And for holidaymakers and residents who love sun, sand and amazing seafood, it is the charming laid-back Beach Bar a few kilometres away.

Currently, there are 260 houses in Vipingo Ridge that offer accommodation to holidaymakers, including houses owned by residents.

For those living in the dreamy Vipingo Ridge, they can dine at the Clubhouse or drive down to the Beach Bar— a quiet seaside restaurant on Kuruwitu beach.

Mike Round-Turner, the general manager Vipingo Ridge says the beach bar caters for residents and guests spending time on the beach, away from the palatial homes and the swimming pools that cover the golf development.

The restaurant was built in the simplest architecture—a makuti-roof supported by mature trees and poles.

The laid-back restaurant gives residents and guests a feel of the traditional Coastal architecture, a perfect setup for them to enjoy the sea breeze and seafood.

‘‘The restaurant specialises in lobsters, prawns, crabs, calamari, red snapper  among other delicacies,’’ he says.

Vipingo Ridge had rented out the restaurant to Pippa and Gavin Laurence who left last month.

Vipingo Ridge golf course. PHOTO | COURTESY
Vipingo Ridge golf course. PHOTO | COURTESY

“We have taken over the restaurant. We are now repairing the roof and the floor in readiness for the re-opening on Sunday,” says Mike.

Its original architecture, he says, will remain in place to maintain its unique appeal and taste for residents to have different experience away from the luxury they are accustomed too.

Chilson Lwangu, the Vipingo Ridge administration manager says the restaurant will continue to serve seafood, adding that the bar will be well stocked with all kinds of drinks served in high-end hotels.
He says that while at the restaurant, residents and visitors can access the Kuruwitu beach which is a unique marine conservation area.

It is also popular for weddings, beach parties, get-togethers and beach volleyball events. Couples from the United Kingdom, Canada and India as well as locals from Nairobi have tied the knot on Kuruwitu beach.

Vipingo Ridge Residents tired of playing golf can drive to the seafront restaurant. PHOTO | MATHIAS RINGA | NMG
Vipingo Ridge Residents tired of playing golf can drive to the seafront restaurant. PHOTO | MATHIAS RINGA | NMG

Last New Year’s Eve, the quaint Beach Bar, nestled in Vipingo attracted a substantial number of locals to the end year party whose entrance tickets cost Sh14,000 per person.
Visitors can also do guided snorkelling and deep sea fishing trips.

Other fun activities at the beach include boat excursions, guided village reef and bush walks.