Japanese whisky at Humidor

Image of Humidor Bar. PHOTO | COURTESY
Image of Humidor Bar. PHOTO | COURTESY 

The truth is the service starts on very shaky legs.

I’m seated at the counter at the Radisson Blu’s snazzy lobby bar. It’s after 6pm and their very busy conference rooms just spilled out a sea of suited humanity to the poolside lounge with a view, ordering cocktails, teas and spirits for a post-workshop/ seminar banter.

I sit staring at my phone for close to 10 minutes before the barman acknowledges me, just when I was beginning to think I’m transparent.

He hands me a Japanese whisky, a Yamazaki, which I have always wanted to try out.

But he forgets to ask me whether I want it with ice or a mixer. (Oh, and the Yamazaki is overrated in my opinion, which is just as well because the bar is discontinuing stocking it because it doesn’t move).


Because I don’t take bad service lying on my back, I summon the duty manager and lodge a sober complaint. Stephen is a pro; he doesn’t offer excuses, he’s apologetic. “We can do better. We will do better,” he says.

We become chums and chat endlessly about whisky as the hubbub of business swirls all around us.

Service got much better the Humidor lobby bar could be anywhere in the world’s developed cities.

It’s as modern and sophisticated as the mostly business people who frequent the hotel.

The Alfresco Pool Bar and grill adjacent overlooks Upper Hill’s skyline.

There is a cigar bar where businessmen stretch their feet and smoke to success. I will definitely go back. At 6pm.