Luxury holiday home getaways

Laikipia home on the foothills of Mount Kenya
Laikipia home on the foothills of Mount Kenya (left) and Tandala which is located in the secluded hills of Amboseli. PHOTOS | COURTESY 

Easter Holiday is with us again and with children out of school, many parents will be hoping to go out of town for a holiday as will groups of friends.

Usually, these groups will be heading to hotels down at the coast or elsewhere by why not break the norm and do things differently this Easter holiday and go for holiday rental homes which sleep several people instead of hotel rooms?

The idea of travelling as a group is appealing especially if you opt to stay in a holiday home, which is a cheaper and convenient accommodation option since the cost is shared among several people who opt to holiday together.

Some of these homes and villas dotted around the country are even more luxurious than ordinary hotel rooms - and cheaper as the charges, which may appear high are charged per day for the facility and not per person as the hotels charge. For instance, a five-bedroom luxury villa in Watamu which can sleep up to eight adults charges Sh30,17,300 per night, a cost that can be shared by the group.