The season for travel is upon us, get yourself insurance cover

With schools closed and parents planning for Christmas vacation, it is time to organise the family trip. But if there is anything other than a visa, if travelling out of the country, that can be a headache for international travellers, its travel insurance.

If you have attempted to acquire a visa to travel to a Schengen country, you know how strict the regulations are on travel insurance even before getting the visa.

It has become an important precaution, especially for business travellers as they criss-cross the world. When purchasing travel insurance, there are many things to consider including the kind of cover, cost, region it covers among other things.

Purchase insurance as a family, couple or organisation as this is a much cheaper option. Take an example of the cover for a local travel plan for annual multiple trips under Resolution Insurance, it will cost Sh23,571 for an individual annual cover yet the same for a couple is Sh35,357. However, this may not apply for all plans, so ensure to confirm which the most suitable alternative is.

Always check for the excess charge and additional levies before purchasing a policy. Make a comparison between different policies from different companies to see what suits you best and has good terms.


A good policy will have a high medical expense limit and will also cover emergency evacuation, should the need arise.

To offer the market more options and a wider cover, Resolution Insurance has now partnered with Linkham Services, a multinational health and travel service provider based in the UK, Mauritius and in The Caribbean, to provide travel insurance plans.

“Our focus is traffic within the African region as this represents on average 91 per cent of the total passenger numbers. But our product structure also provides for Worldwide, Europe, Schengen and students,” said Resolution Insurance CEO Peter Nduati.

Visa processing

The biggest challenge for the industry has been the fact that the market was not one targeted by local insurers.

“Today, travel Insurance is not an active market for insurers. Consumers only purchase Travel Insurance as a mandatory requirement for visa processing. Even with Schengen visas, proof of medical insurance with international cover eradicates the need for travel insurance for Schengen Visas,” he explained.

The Resolution insurance travel plan is targeting business and leisure travellers as well as airline crews and corporates. With different covers including local, regional, Schengen and worldwide, the insurance will be available in all markets that the insurer has a presence in.

Earlier in the year, Jubilee Insurance and Bupa International partnered to bring international health covers closer home.

Should the trip be cancelled or curtailed for one reason or the other, look at the terms for cancellation of the policy especially the amount that will be refunded to you.

As a traveller, missing or damaged baggage is a nightmare. Waiting for the airline to track it down, if they eventually do, can be nerve wracking in a foreign land. Look for a cover that will cater for lost baggage or even baggage delay to make life easier on yourself.

Medical conditions

A mistake most make is failing to declare any medical conditions that may lead to the policy being voided in future. Ensure that all the medical information for dependants of the policy is up to date and correct.

Always read the fine print. The devil is in the detail so be sure to read the policy from cover to cover to know what is covered and what is not. In case you are unsure about a clause, ask your agent, insurer or legal advisor to elaborate it for you.

There’s nothing worse than believing you are covered by your insurance only to discover that what you believed you purchased is not what it is.