Task force wants coffee farmers paid on the spot

Coffee farmers could soon be paid on the spot for deliveries if a report presented to President Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday is acted upon.

It has been proposed that coffee farmers get paid at least 40 per cent of the prevailing price for cherry delivered. The report called on marketers to cap the minimum advance payment for farmers per kilo at Sh15.

These are some of a raft of measures proposed by a task force appointed by the President to look into the problems facing the industry. It also recommends setting up of a subsidy programme to cater for smallholder and small estate coffee farmers.

The report wants farmers provided with a Sh1.2 billion support kitty in the next financial year for purchasing fertiliser and seed, with its size doubling by 2019.

The package will also finance planting materials for new varieties, capacity building, training farmers and rehabilitation of at least 500 coffee pulping stations.