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Tech firm Koko sells bio-stoves to eateries

Venture-backed technology firm Koko Networks has started selling bio-ethanol cooking solutions to high and low-end food outlets via its partnership with a companies-supported employee-feeding platform M-Kula.

M-Kula, which is used by 300 restaurants and roadside sheds, will identify food vendors to benefit from the Koko-backed programme where ethanol cook stoves will be provided.


Greg Murray, the CEO, said the partnership with the M-Kula will improve access to fuel free of carbon dioxide-laden fumes and is accessible from dispensers located in retail stores across Nairobi.

“Our goal is to keep all Kenyans away from dirty cooking practices that drive indoor air pollution. By saving money on cooking fuel, restaurant owners will experience increased customer-flow, cleaner premises and have ability to increase the variety of meals on their menus,” he said.


M-Kula platform developer and Apptivate Africa chief executive Neil Ribeiro said this was a win-win situation that reduces reliance on the scarce wood fuel and charcoal thereby increasing profit margins.

“We believe that using greener, safer and more affordable cooking energy will result in cleaner meals, healthier and more productive employees and more profitable businesses,” he said.


They said vendors will save around Sh400 per day on cooking fuel using the Koko cooker that retails at Sh4,500.

When purchasing, customers can either pay the full amount upfront, or they can save at their convenience with smaller deposits over time,” they said.

Koko Networks which launched operations early this year, runs 700 fuel ATMs, located inside agent shops from Thika to Kiserian, and from Limuru to Kitengela.