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GDC Subukia drilling hits headwinds

Geothermal Development Company
A Geothermal Development Company well in Menengai. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Geothermal Development Company (GDC) is locked in a stand-off with residents of Kabazi in Subukia sub-county over plans to drill wells on their farms.

While the management insists it will move on with the drilling of five wells, the residents have protested, saying they were not consulted before the company submitted the proposals to National Environment Management Authority (Nema).

According to a GDC director, Kamau Kuria, the company would only stop if the regulator dismisses the proposals.

“Unless the project is cancelled by either Nema or parliamentary Committee on Land and Natural Resources, GDC has no powers to abort it,” he said.

Mr Kuria said the company had forwarded the proposals to the Nema for approval and the will only act on its direction.


However, more than 400 residents led by MCA Peter Mbae said the GDC did not consult them.

Mr Mbae expressed fear the scheme would render the locals homeless as it will see the “majority” displaced.