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Kenya up 5 places in brand ranking

positive rating
The positive rating means Kenya as a ‘commercial’ brand is globally visible. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Kenya rose five places in the Brand Finance Scale for attracting higher inward investments across various sectors thanks to a conducive political and economic environment.

The just-released report by the global business valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, said Kenya moved from position 77 to 72 or an A+ rating with its nation brand value globally estimated at Sh3.8 trillion.

Brand Finance said Kenya had experienced a 37 per cent positive change as a destination for investments by multinational and was among the top 10 fastest growing nation brands globally.

“A country’s national image on the brands based there and the economy as a whole is now widely acknowledged as the most important asset encouraging inward investments, adding value to exports and attracting tourists and skilled migrants,” Brand Finance chief executive David Haigh said.

Tanzania was placed at position 88 from last year’s 93 with its brand value set at Sh2.9 trillion with its brand rating also improving from A to A+.


Ethiopia achieved a 29 per cent positive rating with its nation brand rising to position 78 from 83 and its estimated brand value set at Sh3.1 trillion. DR Congo enjoyed the highest rating at 38 per cent with a Sh2.2 trillion brand value at position 95.

The positive rating means Kenya as a ‘commercial’ brand is globally visible and is a place where investors’ money can be injected for long-term generation of profits.