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Kiambu firm seeks nod to set up quarry dumpsite

A Kiambu investor is seeking approval to establish a garbage dumpsite within a disused quarry in Juja.

Regulatory filings at the National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) show the investor, Ecosustainability Hub Consultants, plans to spend Sh10 million on the project.

The firm says the site, which measures 50m in depth and 150m wide, will not only create jobs, but also give residents a safe place to dump their waste. It will also house an incinerator.

“The project proponent should address waste picker livelihoods through strategies such as integration into the formal system, as well as the provision of safe working conditions, social safety nets, child labour restrictions, and education,’ said the firm.

The investor is looking to tap both domestic and industrial waste, where metals will be recycled and generated ash sold to contractors for reuse in construction works.


Nyacaba, where the proposed project is sited, has several disused quarries that were abandoned after exploitation as owners lacked adequate finances to rehabilitate the pits.