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New on-job training certification to shake up local labour market

Jobseekers in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Kenya’s job market is set for a major change with the planned introduction of an on-the-job training certification system.

In a public notice published Friday, National Industrial Training Authority (Nita) gave Kenyans 30 days to present their views on the planned review of industrial training scheme that will see employees hired and trained in the workplace awarded apprenticeship certificates based on their level of knowledge.

“The Director-General invites members of the public to submit written comments or objections to the aforementioned draft schemes. The draft schemes and feedback collection tools are available for download from the Authority's website:,” said the notice from Nita.

The new industrial training scheme provides a promotion path for experienced workers with no academic skills but with a proven ability to execute various tasks. The new apprenticeship platform seeks to accommodate emerging technologies where companies acquire new machinery that will have operators trained on-the-job by expatriates sent by product manufacturers.

The development seeks to create a new promotion ladder for skilled personnel that have for years remained on the same grade for lack of a clear progression ladder.


Companies will have to register the new employees with Nita for apprenticeship enrolment where a Nita tutor will visit the various companies to inspect work done by apprentices with a view to certifying their prowess in executing various tasks.

The planned new scheme recognises casual and contract workers as well as workers on industrial internship. Payments for work done by apprentices is based on their age and length of time on a programme.

Among jobs identified for inclusion in the programme is computer-operated machinery that relies on software for various tasks during manufacturing, operation and maintenance of such machines.