14 dead from Dusit terror attack, Uhuru says

Dusit Hotel attack
Special forces arrive at Dusit Hotel that was attacked by terrorists on January 15, 2019. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NMG 

The terrorist attack at the up-market mixed-use block on 14th Riverside Drive has claimed 14 lives and injured several others, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said, in an address to the nation.

President Kenyatta confirmed that all terrorists had been killed by the various security agents while condemning the act.

He thanked the security agents for swiftly responding and whisking people to safety.

“Even as we regret yesterday’s incident, as Commander-in-Chief, I want to commend the quick and effective response by our elite fighting teams for neutralizing all the terrorists involved in the attacks.

"We have dealt with the threat decisively, and shown our enemies and the world that we are ready to deal with any threat to our nation,” said Mr Kenyatta.


He called on the public to remain vigilant and urged locals to report to the authority where they came across suspicious activity and people.

Security systems

The president also said that the government will continue to strengthen its security systems to stop terror activities from happening in Kenyan soil.

“In the coming days and weeks, we shall continue the never-ending work of strengthening our systems. From the means available to the security services, and judicial arms, we will continue taking every step to making our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and network,” said Mr Kenyatta.

“Throughout the breadth of Kenya and in our immediate neighbourhood multiple security efforts are underway to detect, deter, disrupt and defeat any terrorist operative or group.

"We are on the highest alert, and shall remain so. I assure every Kenyan and foreign visitor that you are safe” he said.