Govt wants boda boda operators to form saccos

boda boda
Motorcycles have been blamed for many accidents across the country. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Boda boda operators have been urged to form savings and credit cooperative societies (saccos) as part of efforts to bring sanity to the sector.

Transport Principal Secretary, Paul Maringa, says doing so is in accordance with the National Transport and Safety requirements that stipulate no one should operate a boda boda if not a sacco member.

In an interview with Nation yesterday, Mr Maringa confirmed that control of the sector had been delegated to the counties which are meant to form licensing bodies.

“All counties are supposed to have the transport and safety committees whose members are to be gazetted,” he said.

The panels are also supposed to designate areas and hours of operation for motorcycle taxis.


Mr Maringa said the police are tasked with the responsibility ensuring the regulations are enforced and nabbing offenders.

“Being members of saccos will help bring sanity as officials will know their members and punish errant members,” the PS said.


Motorcycles have been blamed for many accidents across the country, with some gangs making use of bikes to make quick getaways after committing crimes.

The police have previously complained that the boda boda business, despite being a convenient mode of transport for many, had become a headache for them as most riders lack basic training and safety equipment.

The NTSA says it is working with county governments as well as transport and safety committees to reduce road carnage.

According to the law, members of county committees will include the county commissioner, the transport executive and the county police chief.

Other members will be the county director of health, two people appointed by the governor, two others appointed by NTSA and one person nominated by operators of public service vehicles (PSVs).

The teams will be expected to develop and implement programmes on reducing road accidents.