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Panasonic launches fully integrated HD Visual Communication platform

Panasonic, a global leader in communication technology, is taking video conferencing to a whole new level with the launch in the Middle East of its newest HD Visual Communication solution, the KX-VC2000.

The state-of-the-art KX-VC2000 delivers Full HD video at 1080p/60fps and crystal-clear audio, while allowing connection of up to 24 locations without any optional equipment for a common session across multiple devices, such as desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Specially designed to provide modern workplaces in the region a cost-effective and more flexible connection that help enhance business efficiency and promote growth, the KX-VC2000 expands further the Japanese manufacturer’s HDVC Solutions range, which already includes premium models KX-VC1600, KX-VC1300, and KX-VC1000. Panasonic’s complete range of HD Visual Communication solutions will be featured at the upcoming GITEX Technology Week happening on October 14 – 18, 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Video conferencing has grown exponentially, becoming a key component of business collaboration and a priority for many organizations in the Middle East. With the launch, Panasonic hopes to address the regional market’s increasing demand for versatile and innovative videoconferences system, which based on the latest industry reports is currently worth almost $3 billion.

Mr Nelson Edward, Sales & Marketing Manager - System Networks and Communications, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) said “the launch of the latest model from the KX series HD visual communication solutions certainly enhances the portfolio catering to the communication segment.”
Mr Edward said the KX-VC2000 comes with advanced features that effectively blend and optimize visual and audio capabilities, thus delivering immersive virtual meeting experiences like no other.

The KX-VC2000 HDVC System can connect up to 24 sites simultaneously without requiring the purchase of expensive MCUs (Multi-point Connection Units). It can connect via intranet or Internet, thus enabling multi-site videoconferencing with a client or with people in distant locations via a range of devices including smartphones and tablets. Even with these multiple connections, users are assured of a vivid and realistic videoconference experience videoconference as similar and as collaborative as to those meetings where the participants are in the same room.

The strength of the KX-VC2000 lies in its ability to offer higher streaming resolution while requiring less bandwidth for video data transmission for multi-user video conferencing. With a bandwidth of 256 kbps or higher, it can deliver high-resolution Full-HD 1080p images. Even changes in facial expressions can be seen clearly, while gestures, actions and quick motions appear smoothly for high-quality communication.