KBA-sponsored Inuka Enterprise program aims to uplift SMEs

Inuka Enterprise program. PHOTO | COURTESY
Inuka Enterprise program. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Inuka Enterprise is a program sponsored by the Kenya banking industry to support Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses (MSMEs).

MSMEs remain a principle driver of real economic growth and regional development, resulting in industry innovation and job creation.

Despite their potential, entrepreneurs and business owners face numerous challenges in a complex and dynamic market environment. Access to financing, as well as limited capacity to leverage market opportunities and grow their businesses, are two fundamental concerns that entrepreneurs grapple with.

The banking industry, through the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) member banks, has therefore invested in this program towards supporting business clients to uplift (Inuka) their businesses and gain the most from banks.

Inuka Enterprise Goals Include:
1. From Informal to Formal Businesses: increasing the number of formal businesses in Kenya
2. Promoting Business Growth & Job Creation: working with business owners to grow their companies, formalise their employment practices and hire more Kenyans
3. Enhancing Access to Finance / Capital: making it easier for viable businesses to access business loans
4. Value Addition in Business: helping business increase product quality, marketability, and reach (locally, regionally, across Africa and internationally)
5. Equitable Opportunities: ensuring that every county has a success story from the SME Program.


Capacity Building Program
A 2014 survey by KBA revealed that banks’ lending to SMEs cut across all economic sectors. In light of this, the banking industry recognizes the important role MSMEs play in Kenya’s economic growth. To ensure they actualize their full potential, the industry is encouraging MSMEs to apply and participate in a capacity building program.

The program will centre on the following approach:
• Training for MSMEs with content focus on enhancing a business’ ability to access finance from banks. The content will be delivered via Web and face-to-face learning.

The course for the online and face-to-face training contains seven modules, which include:
• Module 1: Entrepreneurship
• Module 2: Financial Management
• Module 3: Business and Strategic planning
• Module 4: Operations and Value Chain Management
• Module 5: Marketing and Business communications
• Module 6: Human Resource Management
• Module 7: Legal Management, constitutional rights, vision 2030 and socioeconomic roles of MSMEs.
Inuka Enterprise Platform and Face-To-Face Training
KBA Secretariat has created an online (Web and Mobile) portal where MSMEs can apply for the capacity building program, and gain access to program information. Learners can access the training by clicking If a learner wishes to be part of the face-to-face training, email KBA through [email protected]


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