KDF warns potential recruits against fraudsters

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in Somalia. PHOTO | FILE
Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in Somalia. Kenyans interested in joining the military have been warned against fraudsters. PHOTO | FILE 

Kenyans interested in joining the military have been told to be on the lookout for fraudsters as the Ministry of Defence began enlisting 2,000 recruits on Monday.

Vice-Chief of Defence Forces Joseph Kasaon revealed that potential recruits had lost Sh52 million to fraudsters during recruitments since 2009.

“The recruitment that begins today is free of charge. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed of their shortcomings at the recruitment centres. Successful ones will also be given calling letters immediately after the exercise,” he said.

The month-long exercise will be conducted in 288 recruitment centres across the country.

Another recruitment drive targeting cadets and specialist officers is set for September 24, at Kenya Military Academy in Nakuru.

“The recruiting teams are under instruction to adhere to accountability and transparency policy. Young men and women have in the past fallen prey to conmen. Anybody who violates the provisions will be dealt with according to the law,” said Lt Gen Kasaon.

Since 2009, 54 service personnel and 108 civilians have been arrested for engaging in fraud.

The 54 Kenya Defence Force soldiers were dismissed from service then court-martialled and jailed. The civilians were also prosecuted after being handed over to the police.

Lt Gen Kasaon revealed that gullible Kenyans were parting with as much as Sh400,000 with hopes they would join the military.

Those who fell for the tricksters were given forged letters calling them to report for training.