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Japan firm targets Kenya with new water purifier

water purifier

Prof Kanetoshi Oda demonstrates how the water purifier works. Photo/COURTESY

A Japanese company has developed a technology that promises to solve the dirty water problem in developing countries.

Nippon Poly-Glu’s PG alpha 21Ca purifies water within minutes and is used in small quantities. About five grammes can purify a tonne of water, says the firm.

It has been successfully used in India, Somalia, Bangladesh and Tanzania especially in controlling water-borne diseases and in regions where the commodity is scarce.

In Somalia it was widely used in the Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps in collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Japan International Co-operation Agency (Jica).

Nippon Poly-Glu says it is targeting Kenyan market through the Water ministry in collaboration with Jica.

Kenya’s marginal areas have been hit by water shortages over the years, affecting animals and human beings.

PG alpha 21Ca, the firm says, has been confirmed by independent environment and health ministries in countries where it is in use.

Water purified using the technology is fit for domestic consumption “without any health risks at all,” says Poly-Glu Chief Executive, Kanetoshi Oda.

Mr Oda says this product is “completely harmless to living organisms and takes only a few minutes to take effect. It can be used in water with varying acidity levels and temperatures.”

Mr Oda, who developed the product, has a doctorate and is a former visiting professor of science at Osaka City University.

Poly-Glu was established 10 years ago.

Mr Mungai, a journalist, travels widely in East Africa and Japan. Email: [email protected]