EDITORIAL: Let’s uproot tax evasion


KRA cannot continue to allow itself to be sabotaged by its own staff. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The arrest and charging of dozens of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) managers on allegations of bribery and abetting tax evasion is a major step in the fight against corruption. Tax evasion, made possible through the collusion of KRA staff, is one of the critical challenges affecting the economy and is partly to blame for the taxman’s failure to meet revenue targets.

With rising debt repayment obligations and other recurrent expenditure, the amount collected can barely be enough for the country’s development needs, let alone move towards meeting the goal of self-sustenance.

It is not right that well-meaning Kenyans continue to shoulder this heavy burden as others bribe their way to avoid their fair share of responsibility.

Enforcement of the law must be strict to ensure that every person pays their fair share of taxes.

Again, KRA cannot continue to allow itself to be sabotaged by its own staff or anyone else as it continues to miss targets.

The law enforcement authorities should also see to it that the crackdown spares none. The same effort should be extended to other government agencies where corruption thrives with the aim of collecting enough revenue.