Huawei trains 100 women on digital entrepreneurship skills

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Maureen Mwaniki is the Director, Public Affairs for Huawei Kenya. FILE PHOTO | POOL

Technology firm Huawei Kenya has trained 100 women drawn from various table banking groups in Nairobi with digital and entrepreneurship skills aimed at enabling them to take advantage of the upcoming digital opportunities.

The beneficiaries will further share their skills and information with other women in their table banking groups. Huawei Kenya conducted the training in conjunction with Computers for Schools Kenya and Mama Doing Good.

This pilot digital skills training for women on February 6th and 7th, 2024, further taught the women entrepreneurial skills to help them grow their businesses and increase their incomes.

The training provided highly practical skills and was curated to showcase how to operate the different digital social media platforms for marketing their business’ products and services, as well as ensuring they can operate safely online, minimising the risks of fraud.

Maureen Mwaniki, Director, Public Affairs for Huawei Kenya, confirmed Huawei Kenya's commitment as a technology leader to ensure that every person has the chance to get basic digital skills training that can help improve their day-to-day operations.

“This digital training aligns with the ongoing efforts of governments to digitise Government services and payments through the e-citizen platform, which eases access to services,” the firm said in a statement.

The Kenyan Government has an ambitious target of reaching 20 million Kenyans with digital skills in the next ten years, requiring the contribution of multiple stakeholders and highly targeted programs to meet the needs of Kenyans.

This comes at a time when Kenyan women are narrowing the gap between them and men in terms of mobile internet use.

A recent study, the Mobile Gender Gap Report 2023 published by the international association for mobile network operators GSMA indicates that 59 percent of Kenyan men have adopted mobile internet, a stagnation from last year while the figure for women has risen to 39 percent from 36 percent.

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