Kenya Airways firm expands drones fleet for farms


Hawkins Musili is the General Manager of Fahari Aviation. FILE PHOTO | POOL    

Kenya Airways' subsidiary Fahari Aviation has expanded its drone fleet on the back of higher demand for precision agriculture solutions.

The 14 additional drones will be used in spraying crops and spreading farm inputs and land inspection.

The aviation firm said there has been a growing demand for precision agriculture solutions such as crop monitoring and crop health surveillance.

"We are excited about the growth of our drone fleet and the potential this presents for the agriculture industry within the region. The adoption of precision farming through drone technology allows us to serve the evolving needs of farmers and agricultural producers," said Mr Hawkins Musili, the general manager of Fahari Aviation.

The firm reckons that the new drones will increase capacity to enhance precision farming by up to 300 hectares per day up from 70 hectares.

Fahari Aviation offers solutions for surveillance and aerial mapping, inspection and engineering works, emergency and rescue services, agriculture, transport services and data processing.

The new technology used in agriculture helps farmers to improve yields while reducing the impact of potential environmental risks.

Drones are used in agriculture to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. They have become a powerful tool for monitoring crops and livestock.

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