Sendy unveils value-added services to ease customer logistical hurdles


Sendy chief operating officer Nyambura Karita. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Logistics firm, Sendy, will incorporate new add-on components to their courier services to include document management, storage and product packaging as part of the firm’s efforts to keep up with the pace in the increasingly competitive market.

Chief operating officer Nyambura Karita told the Business Daily, the company would adopt a ‘fulfilment business’ model to ease logistics hurdles for clients.

“The new model widely known as fulfilment business is simply taking logistics to the next level so that it is no longer a pick and drop, it is thinking about what’s the full array of things that enable us to meet our client’s pain points as part of the logistics,” she said.

“The difference between fulfilment and plain delivery is that the latter is pick and drop. Fulfilment is about all the other things that need to happen to take away the entire pain of logistics.”

In document management, the firm targets to deliver convenience for business operators who might not have the time to go through the entire paperwork process for clearance of cargo during imports and collection of payments from clients.

“Part of delivery is that I for example need to have delivery notes. I also need to think about invoices and how to manage them so that I get my money. It is still part of delivery, it’s still part of the things that businesses need to think about but if you just say delivery nobody cares about invoice management or your documentation,” said Ms Karita.

The storage service is tailored for small-scale entrepreneurs experiencing a shortage of space for their stock due to expansion. Without an immediate space solution, Sendy says the storage challenge could inhibit business growth.

“Think about, for instance, an Instagram business. Someone sells honey or scarves through Instagram. This is probably being done as a side hustle. Fulfillment for them then means storage because they don’t have enough space in the house,” said Ms Karita.

Sendy further eyes product packaging and branding, depending on client preferences, to help them drive sales faster with Ms Karita observing that just plain wrapping of consumer goods leaves a trading gap that could be filled with the new service.

“Your customer wants a good experience. They want to receive something that looks good. You don’t just want to wrap it in a paper bag and send it across to them.”

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