Technology firm Ushahidi sends home director over sex scandal



Technology firm Ushahidi has suspended its executive director Daudi Were, who is said to be at the heart of a sexual harassment scandal that has hit the company.

Ushahidi said in a statement yesterday that it had suspended a senior employee accused of sexual harassment upon receiving a legal opinion from its lawyers at the conclusion of an inquiry into the case.

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Ushahidi, through its publicists African Practice, declined to confirm the identity of the accused, but documents seen by the Business Daily and sources familiar with the dispute pointed to Mr Were as the man in question.

“We expect to conclude our process in the coming days, in accordance with the Employment Act in Kenya and international employment law. In the interim, the Board has placed the respondent on suspension,” said Ushaidi.

The scandal at Ushahidi is a stain on the reputation of a company considered symbolic of Kenya’s prowess as a technology hub.

Mr Were did not respond to calls for comment by the time we went to press. The incidence is said to have taken place on January 19 at a retreat in Aberdares Country Club.  

According to the board, the case was brought to their attention on May 4 and the accused was informed of the allegations on May 13th.

In a May 18 response to the allegations, Mr Were said that he had not “deliberately” or “intentionally” set out to sexually harass anyone.

He further went on to question the accuracy of an audio recording of the incidence saying that he was inebriated at the time and could not ascertain whether the transcript presented was “accurate and full”.