Toyota dealer launches Sh2.8 million car models

 Arvinder Reel

Toyota Kenya Managing Director Arvinder Reel. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Toyota dealer CFAO Motors Kenya Limited has launched two new car models –Rumion and Belta— which are retailing at Sh2.85 million and Sh2.83 million respectively.

The move expands the dealers’ range of its namesake passenger cars, adding to Landcruiser Prado and Fortuner, among others. Motorists have been importing the Rumion and Belta models, mostly as second-hand units from Japan.

A 2015 Rumion currently retails at an average of Sh1.4 million at used car yards.

The two models are now available with zero mileage at CFAO Motors which is betting on additional incentives offered to new car buyers to sell the units.

“We are constantly ensuring we respond to consumers’ needs. As a result, we have partnered with credible financial institutions to offer up to 95 percent for the two models,” Arvinder Reel, CFAO Motors Kenya managing director, said in a statement.

He added that each car is sold with a five-year warranty or 150,000km, whichever comes first. The service intervals are after every 10,000km.

The two models have 1.5-litre engines powered by petrol. The launch of the Rumion and Belta models comes a year after the motor vehicle distributor unveiled the Urban Cruiser in the Kenyan market retailing at Sh2.7 million.

CFAO Motors is the biggest seller of new passenger cars, with the expansion of models seeking to target the popularity of the Toyota brand in the local market.

The Japanese automaker has a wide variety of cars, most of which have not been available at CFAO Motors which is the exclusive distributor of the brand new models.

The government and private companies buy most of the cars sold by CFAO Motors but the dealer is keen to also grow sales among individuals by offering a broader range of models and pricing.

The dealer said there is rising demand for cars with small engines (one to 1.6 litres) as motorists seek units that are cheaper to run for everyday use.

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