Here is the best way out of business crisis

You must have the courage to get out of your comfort zone. FILE PHOTO | NMG

When things fall apart and everything becomes uncertain, like the situation we are experiencing now, people become more risk aversive and look for solace in the known.

Investors look for investment with guaranteed returns even if returns are low compared to risky ones with high returns. Employees look for jobs with regular and guaranteed pay.

However, the world has changed and new reality has dawned. There is only one certainty that is a common denominator for all of us: The uncertainty we are experiencing now brought about by digital disruption, natural disasters and epidemics like Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. Inaction cannot be the default response.

We must rise up and do something because inaction is not any safer.

We learn a great life lesson from the Biblical story of four leprous men at the gate of besieged Israeli city.

The quarantine men were hopeless as hunger worsened the situation and enemies lie in wait to devour them. They had not future. Incurable leprosy made them untouchable.

If they went into the city, they would be killed. If they stay at the gate they will starve.

If they go to the Syrians they may still be killed.

Sound reasoning prevailed upon them to choose action over inaction. They had nothing to lose because they had nothing left. They decided to take the risk and visit the enemy camp. When they arrived, it was deserted. As they courageously matched into the city with bells tied on their legs to warn people of their infectious disease, the enemy had fled in the night leaving food and other valuables.

Today most business owners as well as employees are feeling like the leprous men. They have lost business and jobs. Finances have dried and lenders and friends are treating them as if they have leprosy.

At such a time the worst mistake is to choose inaction. Something must be done.

You must have the courage to get out of your comfort zone. Problems cannot be solved at the same level they were created. Once a crisis strikes, everything changes and a new normal emerges. This new normal demand you get out of your comfort zone and do things differently.

A crisis is not a normal problem or business challenge. You cannot rely on pushing your team to sell more or customers to pay on time. You must operate at another level.

Take full control your emotions. Your ability to stay calm in the midst of storms is perhaps the great asset you can have to solve any crisis.

Enterprises are built on the foundation of solving needs. If you desire to succeed in life, help people solve their problems and afterwards, not before, they will help solve yours.

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