AI tops search by Kenyans fretting over job security

Kenya is poised to leverage AI in reshaping its public services and beyond. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

Searches about artificial intelligence (AI) hit an all-time high in Kenya in the past year amid rising concerns about the impact of the technology on jobs, Google research shows.

Kenyans aggressively browsed the web for the subject of AI — raising interest in the subject to 270 percent since last year and 400 percent more over the last five years.

Google search records showed that Kenyans are interested in learning about AI and whether their jobs are at risk.

The top search was, “How to use artificial intelligence” followed by “What is an AI, how does AI work, and how to make AI?

“It’s great to see people in Kenya showing such a keen interest in the transformational technology that is AI. People in Africa and across the world are already using and benefiting from responsibly developed AI-based tools every day - but the speed of technological advancement is accelerating, and while it’s exhilarating to see these breakthroughs, it’s important that we get it right here in Kenya,” said Ms Agnes Gathaiya, Director for Google East Africa.

The trend also shows a spike in the number of Kenyans seeking career advancement in the rising digital age.

“Searches for AI courses increased by 100 percent, while searches for “online business from home” have increased by 250 percent since last year, and “how to register a business” have increased by 200 percent,” read a statement from Google.

Google also noted that people were looking for resources to build careers through new certifications specifically in digital skills.

The firm revealed searches for courses in virtual assistance rose 450 percent, data analysis (up 200 percent), digital marketing (200 percent), and cybersecurity (rose 100 percent) all increasing significantly this year.

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