Cabbage prices up 125pc on low supply


Cabbage traders at Kongowea market. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Prices of cabbage have increased by nearly 125 percent due to low supply amid droughts experienced around the country.

A spot-check by the Business Daily at the Marikiti Market in Nairobi showed that the price of a kilo of cabbage has risen from Sh40 to Sh90.

Kenya’s long rainy season (March-May) this year delayed by about one month. It also ended in early May.

“Low supply of cabbages from farms as well as high demand are pushing up the prices,” Mr Kamau Karanja, who is a trader, said.

Cabbage is an essential vegetable that is consumed by a majority of Kenyan families due to its affordability and availability.

An increase in prices is set to make life difficult for them, coming on the back of massive layoffs and wage cuts by companies amid tough economic times caused by the pandemic.