Dubai expo opens window for local tourism marketers


A section of Dubai. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Kenya has an opportunity to market its best attractions in the upcoming Dubai 2020 expo alongside more than 200 nations keen on making an appearance at the global event.

To make the six-month event a success, Dubai has embarked on a major charm offensive ahead of hosting the exhibition in which the Middle East city seeks to catch the eye of the world.

Among preparations for the October 2020 to March 2021 is the setting up of a new state of the art city next to the new marina zone spotting all new buildings.

Dubai says the city is a test bed for innovation and a blueprint for future smart cities.

At the centre of the plan is Al Wasl Plaza which is the old name for the Emirates, and previously won the right to host the event in November 2013.

“We will use this event to create jobs and businesses,” said Reem AL Heshimy one of the organisers of the event at the official launch of 365 days to Dubai 2020 expo.

“The days give an unprecedented opportunity to inspire new ideas for better future and for the Arab region to prove that religion and culture are not a hindrance to development,” she said.

Dubai hopes the billions of dollars pumped into the megacity in conjunction with tech firm Siemens will yield Sh3.5 trillion ($35 billion) by 2030.