MPs staff headed for top salaries in PSC proposals

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) has moved to shield support staff of the new MPs from unpredictable pay, in a major relief to the more than 7,500 employees.

This is after it released a new schedule that if fully implemented, will see constituency and county office managers for the 416-member bicameral Parliament earn nearly two times more than the outgoing team.

The new pay structure will see them earn up to Sh259,500 a month, becoming the highest paid support staff for MPs.

A salary schedule released by the PSC shows the office assistant and security guard will be the least paid, earning a maximum Sh87,000 monthly.

The appointments will be on contract basis for a maximum period of five years, the document reads.

Currently, there is no cap on the salary payable to staff MPs hire as the PSC only sets the minimum amount payable.

MPs had a free hand to determine the salary of an employee provided it did not fall below the minimum limit set by the PSC.

The recommendations range for the employees in the 13th Parliament seen by the Business Daily introduces the minimum and maximum pay.

The schedule shows that deputy county or constituency office managers, personal assistants and researchers for the 349 members of the National Assembly and 67 Senators will earn a monthly salary of between Sh82,000 and Sh205,000.

In the just ended 12th Parliament, constituency and county managers earned a minimum salary of Sh100,000 per month.

Personal assistants earned a minimum of Sh65,000 per month while the office assistants who were the least paid took home Sh20,000 monthly.

A driver earned Sh40,000 per month and office secretary took home Sh30,000.

Constituency and county managers will take home between Sh115,500 to Sh259,500 while their deputies will earn between Sh82,000 and Sh205,000.

County, constituency, ward coordinator, field officer, accounts assistant and procurement assistant will be hired at between Sh69,000 and Sh163,500.

Support staff, including a secretary and a driver, will take home between Sh45,000 and Sh129,000. The office assistant and security guard, will earn between Sh35,500 and Sh87,000.

“The staff at the county and constituency office shall be earning a total maximum of Sh811,000,” says the PSC.

The PSC has asked MPs to employ constituency, county office manager, accounts assistant, procurement clerk and other staff to serve at the constituency or county offices.

Nominated MPs will have three employees a personal assistant, secretary and a driver, all earning a combined maximum Sh405,500 per month.

Members of Parliament with disabilities will be facilitated to engage an additional aide to cater for their special needs.

To qualify for appointment as county or constituency manager or their deputies, personal assistant or co-ordinator, one must have a degree from a recognised university.

The Treasury allocated Sh50 billion to finance MPs and staff operations in the current financial year.

Out of the total budget, Sh5.2 billion will be a one-off payment to cater for service gratuity for exiting MPs staff. There are about 7,500 staff in constituencies and county offices.

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