Seefar houses demolition deadline extended by 30 days

Seefar Apartments at Nyayo Highrise estate. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The National Environment Management Authority (Nema) has extended the deadline for demolition notice issued to Seefar Apartments amid claims that its officers had initially authorised the development.

Nema’s corporate communications manager Evans Nyabuto said Tuesday the notice for demolition of the 12-storey building has now been extended from 14 to 30 days to allow a joint inspection.

“The property owners submitted a memorandum to Nema on October 15 seeking a joint determination of the riparian reserve in the presence of home owners, Nema and Water Resources Authority (WRA). This is scheduled to happen in the next few days and thus the extension,” said Mr Nyabuto.

Nema and the Water Resources Management Authority last week issued a 14-day notice to occupants of Seefar Apartments at Nyayo Highrise estate on grounds that the apartments encroach on Nairobi dam embankment.

Warma also directed the property owners to restore the riparian reserve to its original state within 90 days. However, Seefar management has insisted that the agencies three years ago were satisfied with how the building was put up.

“The repairs were carried out as per the designs earlier submitted to us to a satisfactory level. We recommend that a film of red soil be overlaid on the rehabilitated section completely covering the gabion boxes,” read the Warma letter.

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