Christmas creative ideas that will light up your living room ​​


The holiday season is almost here, and many people are already thinking about how they can decorate their homes with festive ornaments. FILE PHOTO | AFP

The holiday season is almost here, and many people are already thinking about how they can decorate their homes with festive ornaments. However, the idea of adorning your house, particularly your living room, with Christmas decorations can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have any idea where to start.

Your living room is an important space, especially during the holiday season, according to Melissa Cherop, lead design consultant at Zora. “Christmas time provides a chance to completely transform our living spaces, making it an exciting season to enjoy.”

“A beautifully decorated living room can bring the joy of the holiday season to mind like nothing else. It provides the perfect spot for your Christmas tree, a backdrop for intimate gatherings, a setting for fun gift exchanges, and the coziest place to relax with your family,” says Melissa.

What to consider when doing the living room décor

Before redesigning the living room, TheeCozyNest interior design studio's Julz Muitha suggests considering several factors.

“When it comes to decorating for Christmas, it's important to start with space. You don't want to choose a tree that is too big for the room and takes over everything else. It's best to use everything proportionally and measure if necessary.”

Don't clutter your walls or furniture with too many decorations. If you need to switch out one piece for another, do so instead of squeezing them all together. The same goes for throw pillows and other accessories. Remember, less is more and can make a bigger impact.

Another important factor is the kind of items to use after the celebrations are over. Choose items that are easy to put away or reuse after the holidays, such as throw cushion covers and candles that can continue to be used as decor on your coffee table.

Safety is also important when it comes to Christmas decorations. Many lights and candles are used during this time, so consider alternatives like LED candles and battery-operated lights to ensure the safety of everyone, especially children.

How to decide on your color themes

Christmas may not have a strict colour scheme, but according to Ms Cherop, red and green are popular choices for spreading holiday cheer. By incorporating these shades into your living room, your space is sure to become the most festive on the block.

Ms Cherop advises that your existing theme should dictate your colour selection to ensure that any added accessories complement your current design style. “If blue and grey are your primary colours, for example, you can choose blue ornaments, silver accents, and an additional colour to create some contrast,” she says.

However, she cautions against using more than three colours for general decor. Doing so could make it difficult to achieve a cohesive look and could be overwhelming when shopping for decor. The same rule of thumb applies to throw pillows and blankets.

When to start decorating for Christmas and how long the décor last

“If it were up to me, the décor would go up in July! However, a general workable time for people would be mid-November up till mid-January after everything settles down,” says Ms Cherop.

Ms Muitha adds that "Christmas decorations can last for up to five years, depending on where you buy them, how well you maintain them, and how you store them."

With the precautions and considerations put into place, she says in addition to the traditional Christmas tree, several décor tips will make your living room joyous, especially during the Christmas season.

Living room decoration tips

If you're wondering how to decorate your living room for the festive season, there are a ton of ways to add holiday touches, whether you prefer a minimalist or maximalist approach. Ms Cherop suggests starting with a classic Christmas tree, complete with colourful ornaments, lights, ribbons, and a topper. 

“This will make your guests feel cozy and warm as they gather around the crackling fire.”

You can also switch your cushion covers and throw blankets to festive pieces that you can easily find in many décor stores. Adding a piece of artwork that reflects your view of the season is also a great way to go.

Similarly, some people like to decorate their coffee tables with a tray and a few more candles - scented or LED - to add to the mood.


The holiday season is almost here, and many people are already thinking about how they can decorate their homes with festive ornaments. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

Beautifully crafted wreaths, garlands, and tree decorations can make your festive decor feel more special and unique. And, of course, making Christmas crafts can be a fun activity to enjoy with the family in the lead-up to the big day.

Play with metallics

While Christmas is famous for its red-and-green colour scheme, opting for metallics can up the sophistication without losing the festive feel.

Light a fire

There's nothing like a crackling fire on Christmas Eve to create a cozy atmosphere. If you want to make your home feel warm and welcoming, stack some firewood in the hearth and keep it burning all night. Just don't forget to put it out before Santa arrives to slide down the chimney!

Appoint Poinsettias

Although any floral arrangements can work for Christmas, poinsettias are a seasonal favourite. With its bright red hue, it's the perfect way to add a touch of colour and holiday spirit to your home.

Lastly, if you are hosting a party at your home and have a patio, pergola, or terrace, you can invite more guests. Ms Cherop insists that you should focus on the dining table, food, and drinks since they are the centre of the celebration. To make your dining table look more attractive, you can start by laying a lovely garland at the centre. You can then add a centrepiece with candles of varying heights to create visual interest. Additionally, you can throw in some ornaments similar to those on the Christmas tree and a couple of vases with fresh flowers.

She recommends setting the table with your best tableware and having a great variety of food and drinks buffet-style. If necessary, you can engage an outside caterer so that you can relax and enjoy the party with your guests.

“You can also consider creating a photo-booth backdrop for you and your guests to capture memories and games to enjoy after meals,” she says.

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