Bahari Bar: Girl’s memorable night in rainy Diani



I was recently at Diamond Leisure Beach and Golf Resort. This meant I was spending my days in or lying at the swimming pool or at the beach drinking copious amounts of mojito.

It rained quite a bit and when it did I would spend a lot of time on the balcony of my room where — at some point — I hurled an orange at a rogue monkey that had disrespected my lady. (The monkey ate the orange, an act of great disrespect and mockery towards me).

On our last night we sat at the beautiful Bahari Bar to listen to an amazing band called Black Pearl perform. A horde of guests waltzed on the open floor.

One particular couple stood out. It was a man and his four-year-old daughter in pink tights. It was way past the princess’s bedtime but then again they were on holiday and she was with daddy.

While carrying her, he led her around the dance floor in a slow dance, her tiny legs dangling by his side. She cupped his face in her tiny hands like you would carry something precious and brittle.

Her eyes shone bright with love and excitement. His lips would occasionally move and she would crumble in giggles, throwing her small hands around his neck.

They danced like they were the only ones on the dancefloor, the only ones in the world.

If there was anything pure with the world at that moment, it was watching that man dance with his daughter.

She will forget many things when she grows up and becomes a woman but she will always remember that rainy night in Diani when she danced with daddy.

Maybe if Diamond Leisure Beach and Golf Resort is still around 20 years from now she will go back to Bahari Bar with her girlfriends and tell them about that night, that dance with her father.

Maybe she will take him back this time, and they will dance again to a different song and season and she will still giggle like his little girl.

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